Daniel Mallock grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts within walking distance of the birthplaces of John Hancock, John Adams, and John Quincy Adams. He spent many afternoons riding his bicycle to John and Abigail’s home, Peace field. There is a stone wall there, along Adams Street in front of the Old House where he’d go, too many times to count, just to sit and think. This was the beginning of his lifelong appreciation and study of Adams, Jefferson, and the founding generation, and of his love for American history in general.

Mallock’s interest in Adams and his great colleague/friend/rival Thomas Jefferson never diminished. At Quincy schools and through his early association with the Quincy Historical Society he learned and read as much as he could devour. Also embracing a deep interest in the Civil War he joined the Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston during his high school years. He continued his history studies at Ripon College in Wisconsin and Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

After a life of travels, and adventures in the corporate world, marriage and family, and advanced studies at the school of hard knocks and the equally challenging institute of reality, Mallock kept on with his study of history.

Confident of an important, pertinent, and fascinating story to tell and hopeful that readers will enjoy his prose and research, Mallock’s years of study of John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson – their extraordinary friendship and the revolutions that swirled around them – are now available for interested readers.

The author hopes that your experience with Agony and Eloquence is an enjoyable and meaningful one.


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